Lillagunga Bar - Walnut

Activity series
€135 EUR

Lillagunga Bar is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a slick pull-up bar to their home. This minimalistic and visually appealing product is available in four different wooden variants and suits any interior style. Its protected design enables easy and fast installation.

 To get started download our measurement guide. Note that an extra pair of bar locks can be purchased if you want to use the bar on different heights.  

Age: 14 years and above
Usage: Indoor
Capacity: Maximum weight 100 kg.
Weight: Gross: xxx g Net: xxx g
Dimensions:  Package: 570 x 270 x 75 mm, Product:  516 x 210 x 20 mm
Materials: Wood: oiled natural oak
Included: manual, 2 bar locks, 4 screws, 2 cup-washers