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On this page you will find user manuals, a link to our Installation Assistant and a video showing how to adjust the height of your Lillagunga product. Kindly contact us if there is anything else you need support with. 

User Manuals 

Language Download
Lillagunga Bone 1.1 English PDF
Lillagunga Rings 1.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Classic 2.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Classic - Walnut (Outdoor) 2.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Grand 2.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Grand - Walnut (Outdoor) 1.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Toddler - Leather 1.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Toddler - Fabric 1.3 English PDF
Lillagunga Disco (Outdoor) 1.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Fleximat 1.0 English PDF
Lillagunga Bar 1.0 English -


Installation Assistant

With Lillagunga Installation Assistant placing and installing any Lillagunga product with ropes becomes a lot easier. This online tool will help to select the right ropes lengths and distance between drilling holes, and also provide you with safe distances within your environment.

Height adjustment video

This video is for helping you to adjust the height of your Lillagunga product with ropes. The height is adjusted in the same way for all Lillagunga products. Please note that the height should be adjusted from the UPPER rope locks only.