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This is our Story

"It's no coincidence that the swing has been around for nearly 3,500 years. A classic piece of furniture and toy; loved by children and adults around the world. A product that has stood the test of time, and isn't going out of style anytime soon."

Anton Stenfors

Identifying a need

Our story starts in the summer of 2010 when Anton Stenfors, the founder of Lillagunga, had a hard time trying to find a stylish quality swing for his two sons. Anton decided to make one himself and ended up taking the first steps towards designing the first model of Lillagunga Classic. The word Lillagunga is swedish and means "little swing".

Lillagunga is founded

After an in-depth period of market research, Anton realised that the first prototype was not just the answer to a father's need but addressed a gap in the market for families looking for functional and appealing swings. In 2013, Lillagunga was established with a vision to become the leading producer of reinvented design classics for every home.

Business gets going

The first year of operation totally relied on great market feedback on the Lillagunga Classic, and gradually it became evident that there was room for similar products to complete the product portfolio. The same year Lillagunga Classic won the Interior Design Reporters competition aimed at promoting carefully made design products that suit people’s everyday lives.

The prototype


The first ever made prototype, crafted spontaneously by Anton Stenfors as a "rescue solution" for his sons. The idea evolved, a patent was approved and Lillagunga Classic was born.

Lillagunga Classic - Model A


The first model of Lillagunga Classic with open rope loops was released. At the time a leather-top was also available as an complementary.

Lillagunga Grand


Lillagunga was a natural development phase offering a alternative swing for adults. Grand is larger and more "edgy" in its design compared to Classic.

Lillagunga Toddler


The swing for toddlers was the third and final product to complete our range of swings for people in all ages.

Lillagunga Rings


Designed by Anton Stenfors and Andrea Lomabardini. The first version was entirely made of solid oak, but soom the inner part was replaced with plywood to increase safety.

Lillagunga Reindeer


In collaboration with Drill Design Studio from Japan the rocking reindeer was released. The original design was improved to improve apperance and stability.

Lillagunga Bone


While designing the Bone trapeze we used the same rope locking mechanism as in all other products. The shape of the "bulb" was taken from the Classic swing.

Lillagunga Bar


Lillagunga Bar was our first product targeted for primarily for adults. The uniqueness is its slim design and assembly mechanism making all screws invisbile.

Lillagunga Fleximat


In collaboration with byAlex the multifunctional Lillagunga Fleximat was released. It servers as complementary product for all our activity toys but works independently too.

About Us

Today we are offer our broad portfolio of products online and through retailers all over the world. Our aim is to continue developing new products of exceptional quality and become an internationally recognised brand in the global design market. 

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