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Lillagunga Bar

Combining function with style

Lillagunga Toddler

For the dearest family member

Lillagunga Classic

The reinvented wooden swing

Lillagunga Reindeer

The essential wooden toy

Lillagunga Bone

For the real acrobat

Toddler - Birch - White Leather - Lillagunga

Welcome to the world of Lillagunga!

We are a Finnish design company originally known from our reinvention of the classic wooden swing.

Since our establisment in 2013 we have put our hearts and souls into designing wooden activity toys of premium quality and functionality.

Through our locally sourced and produced innovative products, we want to spread a sense of joy and wonder into families around the world.

We reward loyal customers

Lillagunga Rewards

For purchases and activity on social media platforms we reward our customers with points that can be redeemed as discounts. All we require is to create a free customer account.

Dive into our Collections

We have collections filled with creative and fun products for all family members.

The beauty is in the details

Our products are designed in with the outmost emphasis on details in both visual appears and functionality. We use solid Birch, Oak and Walnut sourced from trustworthy and suistainably operating manufacturers. Paint, coatings and other materials and components have been selected with equal care - only the best will do.

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Products made to last

We have put years of development into fine-tuning the quality of our products. We offer our customer an extensive warranty, and proper support services for repairing, upgrading or exchanging worn out parts.

Properly taken care, Lillagunga products can be used for generations to come.

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Safety is a top prioity

As we are manufacturing activity toys and mostly for children, we take product safety very serously. In addition to following the leading EU and US safety standards we also have an internal safety tracking procedure for identifying and acting if problems occur.

More about safety standards.


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