Lillagunga Reindeer

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Lillagunga Reindeer is a rocking horse with a new touch designed for the modern Scandinavian home. This timeless toy resembling a reindeer is safe and long-lasting and is primarily targeted children from about two years of age and above. It is made of solid oak and finished in oil. With its majestic and peaceful appearance the Lillagunga Reindeer is a real eye catcher in every home.

With the trust of quality in our craftsmanship, this product comes with a 10-year limited warranty. 

Age: 2 years and above (recommendation)
Usage: Indoor 
Capacity: Maximum weight 40 kg.
Weight: Gross: 3200 g Net: 3000 g
Materials: Wood: Oak
Dimensions: Length: 693mm Width: 245mm / 212mm (upper)  Height: 520mm / 254mm (seat)

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