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We have delivered our products around the world, and for us there is nothing more rewarding and inspiring than a happy customer returning with positive feedback. With a product return rate close to zero and high review ratings we have met our customers' expectations, and intend to continue on that path.
Based on 244 reviews
Bar - Oak
Peter G.
Great for home exercise!

Liked in the look and feel, simple to install!

Rings - Oak - Red
Angus Schoenberger


Works for adults too!

Bought it for my daughters, but now my and my wife are also using it.

Trapeze bar

I have ordered the trapeze bar for my son's birthday as a gift. Now my little monkey is happily swinging around it all day😅 The quality is top notch and worth buy.

Super Cool!

Keeps my children busy :)

Bone - Birch - Grey
Fredrik Virtanen
Hyvää asiakaspalvelua!

Kysymyksiin vastattiin nopeasti, ja tuote tuli luvatussa ajassa.

Hienot tuotteet!

Todella laadukkaita ja hienoja tuotteita. Tyytyväinen!

Rings - Walnut - Black
Rozhin Akbari
Tax confusion!

Happy for purchase but when I recieved the item the letter from shipping company for tax came about 46£ !
I have had purchase more expensive than the amount of my item and never been asked for tax!

Hi Rozhin, we are sorry that you were charged more than anticipated by the local customs, but glad you seem happy with your purchase

Perfect customer service

Great products and outstanding customer service!

Rope Exchange
Rope Exchange

Everything went so well. UPS picked up my package and then I could follow it till Finnland. It didn't take long. Wihtin 2 weeks I had the ropes back again.
Thank you very much!
I would highly recommend the rope exchange with Lilagunga

Great swing!

Love this swing!

Satisfied customer

Swift delivery and most helpful in changing the product because of my error. Hovewer, small comment , you did send a reminder for an invoice duly paid.

Rope Exchange
Perfect Service

It was an easy and satisfying experience. Thank you so much! ??

Rings - Oak - White
Themis Doukaki
So happy about my purchase!

I was surprised that my order came so fast! Right on time for the 4th birthday of my son! Can you tell a better present?And the quality is so good!!!

Hi Themis, great to hear!


Perfect! Works well and we enjoy swinging in the children’s room.

We love it

In addition to being very beautiful, it is very practical, very safe, there are also loops to connect the boy, and you can place it anywhere at home or outside.


Great !however some trouble to find the right lenght

Bone - Oak - Black
Spich Bestattungen Joanna Neumann
Tolles Turnobiekt

Danke für das schöne design :-)

Vielen Dank!

My daughter loves it!

Beautifully crafted, does what’s it intended for

Rings - Walnut - Beige
Lydia Scholten

Really beautiful hoops! I matched them with the large swing. Looks great in my home.

In Love with this Wood&Leather Toddler

we got this combination of wood and leather, but it is so beautiful and so comfortable that if I myself tried to create something so beautiful for my children, I would not succeed as beautifully as this product was created. We are in love with its design and the comfort it offers, it is also very easy to maintain. If you are looking at it, don't think twice, there is nothing wrong and the post was very fast. ??

sehr zufrieden :-)

Es ist schon die dritte Schaukel, die unsere Enkelin geschenk bekommt. Das Design ist wunderschön und wir werden sicherlich weitere Modelle verschenken!

In love with this Product!

it's amazing first to look at, then very easy to assemble and very comfortable to use, so beautifully engraved and personalized, just perfect to keep as a memory all your life.

Thank you for such amazing products!

Don't think twice ??

Happy costumer

I am really enjoying my swing. It became a place to just chill&relax, an additional sitting place in my house and one of play, joy and laughter. The walnut version is so incredibly beautiful, it blends so well in my house.
And the personalized hearts under the swing are also really beautiful.

Bone - Oak - Beige
Roberta Folchi

Consegna veloce e prodotto fantastico sia nella sicurezza che nelle rifiniture del materiale.
Sicuramente se volessi un altro prodotto lo sceglierei ancora da loro!