Is Lillagunga a safe product?

Yes. Safety is a thing we take very seriously at Lillagunga and we are following the European CE standard for safety of toys. Safety is however also very much up to how your product is used and therefore reading and following the manual is very important. Customers outside Europe should notice that we do not take any responsibility for how the CE standard comply or meet with standards in other countries.

Where are Lillagunga products manufactured?

All Lillagunga products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland. The Lillagunga swings and Rings are made of either birch wood or oak wood. All wooden pieces are carefully selected in order to meet up with our high quality standards in terms of design and safety.

Where shall I place my swing or rings?

Only imagination sets the limits but usually a popular place is a roofed terrace, a living room your kids room. Just keep in mind that you have enough space on all sides around the swing or the rings.

For more detailed instructions we advice you to read our manuals.

How should I hang up my Lillagunga?

All Lillagunga swings shall be attached to the ceiling with hooks. The most used model is a so called curl hook which can be found in almost every hardware store. Curl hooks intended for swings are usually clearly marked on the package.

The metal swivels that are included in the package shall be hanged onto hooks that are securely drilled into the roof. DO NOT hang your product straight from the ropes as they may wear down and eventually tear, causing a safety risk.

For more detailed instructions we advice you to read our manuals.

How do I adjust the height of my swing or rings?

Lillagunga products come with a patented rope lock mechanism which makes height adjustment simple. Swings have four (4) rope locks while Rings have only two (2). To adjust the height of your swing or rings use the UPPER rope locks in accordance with our manual.

For more details have look at our height adjustment  video and read our manuals.

What kind of ceiling is suitable?

Most ceiling materials (wood, concrete, steel) are all suitable as long as the ceiling is bearing, thick and strong enough to withstand a swinging force. We advice you to consult a technical expert in any uncertainty.

Are hooks included in the package?

No, hooks are not included in the package since different ceiling materials require different hooks. We recommend curl hooks or similar equipment specially intended for swings. Curl hooks are found in most hardware stores and should be priced very reasonably. We can provide these on separate request.

Can I place my swing or rings outside?

Some of our products can be placed outside while others are intended for indoor use. On every product page you'll find a DESCRIPTION section with details regarding suitability for different environments.

We do however recommend to protect your product from rain, moisture and and direct sunlight, and to take it indoors when it is not in use. Outdoor use will shorten the lifetime of your product compared to indoor use.

For more detailed instructions we advice you to read our manuals.

Can I place my swing or rings on a tree branch?

Yes it is possible but it will require special accessory. The tree branch itself should be strong and pointing in an almost horizontal direction in order to gain balanced movement. Please contact us for more details.