Lillagunga Bone - White Birch - White

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Lillagunga Bone is the newest member of the Lillagunga family, a smart version of the classic wooden trapeze. It follows our prominent visual identity and well-known features from our rings and swings: safe, durable, easily adjustable and unmatched in style. This product is primarily targeted for children, but suits adults as well. Lillagunga Bone comes pre-assembled and ready for use. 

We will start to ship this product on the third week of February. Please note that out first batch is limited in quantity, so make sure you place your order in time.

Age: 3 years and above
Usage: Indoor
Capacity: Maximum weight 90 kg.
Weight: Gross: 845 g Net: 745 g
Materials: Wood: Birch, Rope: polypropylene (EN71-1), Swivels: stainless steel (AISI 316)
Dimensions:  Package: 550 x 100 x 75 mm, Bone: 544 x 28 mm
Included: manual, wooden bone, two rope locks, two swivels and two ropes.
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