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SAFETY NOTICE - Curl Hooks (released 20.5.2023)

Dear Lillagunga customer,

It has come to our knowledge that the Curl Hooks provided to Lillagunga by the manufacturer Gebuvolco, does not meet the required safety standards:
  • There is a small potential risk that a Curl hook can break when these Curl Hooks are installed using a plug in concrete or similar ceiling.
  • The Curl Hooks are however completely safe to use installed in wood without a plug.
It is of utter importance for us at Lillagunga, that you are notified of this risk, and we urge you to stop using these Curl Hooks IF they have been installed with a plug in concrete or any similar material.

Currently the best option is to;
  • Ask for a refund if the purchase has been done on 
  • Buy Marathon Swing Hangers for a 50% discount using the code HANGERS50%
  • Replace with similar alternatives for concrete ceiling

If you encouter any problem of this sort;

Safety of our customers is of utmost importance, and we hope this warning will reach our customers and that this message will be taken seriously. We want to underline that no injuries have been reported, but this safety notice aims to avoid any potential accidents.

Please don´t hesitate to contact our customer service at with any questions or concerns.

We truly apologize for the inconvenience.
The Lillagunga team