Lillagunga Grand swing seat for grown ups.

Lillagunga Grand Swing Seat

It is much better by far to be young at heart! We believe swinging is a fun activity for people of any age. Swinging is not only about playing and having fun, but can also help you relax and just live in the moment.

The Lillagunga Grand swing seat is the big sibling to Lillagunga Classic and is explicitly designed for grown-up kids and adults. The beautiful design of the swing also makes it a stylish interior decoration to be placed in your home, at the office, on the terrace or in a bar lounge. Lillagunga Grand can also be tailored in custom colours and with your name or logo on the back of the wooden seat.

The Lillagunga Grand swing is designed and manufactured in Finland.

✅ Personalise your Grand

✅ Curl Hooks available

Lillagunga Grand Swing Seat
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