Lillagunga Classic - wooden swing for children

Lillagunga Classic - children's swing

For most children, flying through the air on a swing is the best fun there is. Let the kids play, swing high or low, twist and turn to develop their motor skills, strength and balance. 

The Lillagunga Classic children's swing is the first member of the Lillagunga swing family, a reinvented version of the classic wooden swing. The swing is a durable and stylish product for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the patented mechanism for adjusting the height of the seat, the swing is both safe and easy to use. Just like all Lillagunga products, the swing comes preassembled and ready to use.

Lillagunga Classic is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Lillagunga Classic - children's swing
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Lillagunga Classic - Birch - Pink - Lillagunga

Lillagunga Classic - Birch - Pink

€159.00 EUR