It is matter of taste they say, and we totally agree. We do however have a lot of combinations to offer, and some of them just blend in easier. Our bestellers' collection consist of the five most popular items based on the amount of views and purchases since the day we opened our web shop.
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Classic Personalised - Lillagunga

Classic Personalised

€26.00 EUR

Lillagunga Classic - Birch - Grey - Lillagunga

Lillagunga Classic - Birch - Grey

€159.00 EUR

Lillagunga Grand - Oak - Black - Lillagunga

Lillagunga Grand - Oak - Black

€179.00 EUR

Lillagunga Gymnastic Rings

Lillagunga Rings - Birch - Black

€144.00 EUR

Wooden baby swing

Toddler - Oak - White Leather

€269.00 EUR